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"We have a universal language that 'thinks' and expresses itself through symbols.  This archaic language transcends all conscious verbal language barriers."  


By showing situations symbolically in dreams, the unconscious communicates with consciousness and discloses its own comments on the conditions of our life.”  


God’s Forgotten Language

The more we learn to accept and express all aspects of who we are, 

the more freedom, satisfaction, and wholeness we experience, and the 

more prosperous we feel.” 

Shakti Gawain, Creating True Prosperity  

When we fully accept and embrace our brokenness then we can turn to work on our wholeness.”


To break the masks of our identity and unearth the self we need solitude, honesty, and the pursuit of an inner life.”


“If anything, women need to find one another now, and to begin to partner one another’s emotional needs.” 


The Road By The River

To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed; and suddenly we realize how uncommonly difficult the discovery of individuality is.”

The archetypes, so to speak, are an ‘eternal’ presence, and the only question is whether it is perceived by the conscious mind or not.”


Through fantasy-thinking, directed thinking is brought into contact with the oldest layers of the human mind."


Two Kinds of Thinking


Our path leads straight ahead, not around the duality but through it to a consciousness of its underlying oneness.” 


“It takes courage to go to the ‘bad’ side of ourselves to acknowledge it as part of ourselves, to consider that it could have a constructive role to play in our lives.”


The unconscious pushes us into one suffering after another, one impossible mess after another, until we are finally willing to wake up, see that it is we who are choosing the impossible paths, and take responsibility for our own decisions.”


We try to deal with all the issues of life by external means—making more money, getting more power, starting a love affair, or ‘accomplishing something’ in the material world.  But we discover to our surprise that the inner world is a reality that we ultimately have to face.”


The archetypes are often presented by the unconscious in images that are divine, royal, magical, or mythical.”

Inner Work

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