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The Myths & Poetry of Awakening

“It baffles many people at first to hear that the imagination is an organ of coherent communication, that it employs a highly refined, complex language of symbols to express the contents of the unconscious.”  
R. A. JOHNSON, Inner Work

Archetypes are part of a Universe at work.
Most of us understand that energy affects our lives. Archetypes, as energy, appear disguised in metaphors, parables and symbolism of every genre. They present with changing motifs, characters, people, places or things, energies with positive and negative attributes. We can see ourselves mirrored in them, as projections. Archetypes aren't consciously produced.

When symbols and archetypes speak, it is for the sake of awareness.

White Stairs


Susan A. Shepler, MA
Transformative Language Artist
Digital Artist

Journal Instructor

“By showing situations symbolically in dreams, the unconscious communicates with consciousness and discloses its own comments on the conditions of our life.”
JOHN A. SANFORD, God’s Forgotten Language


My journey with archetypes began by writing poetry, followed by years of research into the "mystery of archetypes" and the Process of Individuation.
As I shaped the poems into images, they enlivened in ways beyond my intentions, or awareness.  My poems became containers of guidance, with an apparent higher power at work. 

The shapes, as symbols, occurred autonomously, as according to Carl Jung, symbols tell us something we don't know.  A series consisting of "fantasy images" is a happenstance, like a dream series. Archetypes have collective value as they communicate to all.


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52 Weeks of Awareness


The Metaphorical Language of
Symbols & Archetypes

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It's challenging to follow a transformational path, or calling.

There's a universal urge to awaken and become.  
Transformation happens through the organic nature of the process,

developing awareness, practicing mindfulness, and being present. 


Awakening journeys lead to harmony in body, mind, & soul.
We're more than threads woven into life's tapestries.   
We're the magic hands of the weaver. 

Join me.  Reach out.  

Receive a Personal, for you, Guidance Message.  

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