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There's Adventure in Every Archetype!

Discover the transformative power of symbols and archetypes, a universal language of images that guides and enlightens on a journey of self-discovery.


Art, Archetypes, and Awareness

About AwakenArts

There's a place, maybe it's just imagination, maybe it's more.  Awaken Arts is based on a Series of Images, Symbols and Archetypes, originating through my process, a universal process of awakening that Carl Jung identified as Individuation.  Individuation is a journey of images uniting on a path to awareness and authenticity.  
Mermaid Gristmere, Mermaid Archetypes
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Ballerina, Motif

Mission Statement

AwakenArts promotes and supports healing awareness through the language of images, symbols and archetypes as they contribute to the universal transformative process.

I share my expertise and experience in the field of transformative language as it contributes to the Individuation Process and the Jungian Healing Modality. 

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Susan Shepler

Transformative Language Artist
Art Journaling
Masters in Counseling Psychology


I have found that there is an intelligence in Art
which becomes apparent through the creation process.

A transformative journey surrounds with a certain chaos as part of the process -- Oz and Wonderland are metaphors for the discovery experience.  Carl Jung referred to Individuation as such a process. involving autonomous images-- dream images and "fantasy images" found in many art forms.  The process is universal, happenstance, an urge to Wholeness, Healing, and Wellness.  

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Ideally, we achieve balance and wellness through the Individuation process by forming an integrated center of our personality, having reconciled many shadow tendencies and projections.  It's an ongoing effort, and requires acceptance, and a gentleness of heart and hand to guide the process.  

Let me know how I can support you on your process.   


Glad You're Here!


Queen Anne, Pictorial Language


"By showing situations symbolically in dreams, the unconscious communicates with consciousness and discloses its own comments on the conditions of our life."
John A Sanford, God's Forgotten Language

The world is an Oz or Wonderland.  Inner life leads to the essence of who we are.  A healing journey can compare to leaving Oz, going home, and awakening from the dream of worldly life, and who we are not.

Poetry Images

Symbols, Archetypes, and Life Lessons

"The basic or original unit of mental functioning is the image."  
Edward C. Whitman, The Symbolic Quest

All of the images in the Picture-Series were created first, and in a state of consciousness that Carl Jung would calll, naive, inasmuch as I created the images without awareness of the process that guided me.  Jung identified the image-producing process leading to awareness and transformation, as Individuation.
The language of symbols and metaphors is a language of parables.  Images complement, enhance, and energize our understanding of Spiritual Nature.  A forerunner in the study of archetypes, Carl Jung acquainted us with archetypes, both energies and entities, "affect and imagery."  Owing to its happenstance, and particular nature, where words acquiesce to shapes, and shapes acquiesce to words, this art form entertains archetypal energies, combining words (affect, emotion) and images.
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An Archetypal Journey
Steps to Awareness

Juggling Bear, Pictorial Language

Juggling Bear

The bear in my Series
is a metaphor for thought.

Cross Mandala,  Pictorial Language


This mandala is a metaphor for the center of my Soul.

Both Sides Now, Pictorial Language

Both Sides Now

There are feminine forms in this


About AwakenArts

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The metaphorical language of symbols and archetypes can be found in personal expression, creativity and art, the art and energy of others, and the art that is the world.


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