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Awaken Arts will be offering Mini Courses and "Quotables" (the Blog).  Each Archetype in the Poetry Picture Series

will take you on a new adventure.  Archetypes appear to individuals, but their stories are universal.



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Art Archetypes
& Awareness

There's Adventure in Every Archetype!


About Awaken Arts

Awaken Arts is based on a Series of Images that originated through my process, a process which Carl Jung identified as, Individuation.  It is influenced by a power or force beyond conscious awareness.   

"We can understand the transformation of the personality as a part of the God-created individuating process which Jung has described."  
Christopher Bryant
, Jung and the Christian Way.

Individuation is a journey of integrity, a path to awareness and authenticity.  If the path is a series of rabbit holes, Awaken Arts is about leaving Wonderland.  


Susan Shepler
Transformative Language Artist
Art Journaling
Master of Arts in Counse

I have found that there are basic intelligences in art --
which become apparent through the creation process.

Poetry to Pictures


Mermaid Grismere

Poems become shapes, and shapes are amplified through artistic motifs.


Archetypal Journey
Steps to Awareness


Juggling Bear

The bear in my Series
is a metaphor for thought.



This mandala is a metaphor for the center of my Soul.


Both Sides Now

There are feminine forms in this


Each of the Archetypes in the Poetry Series
is a Step on the Path of Individuation

On an archetypal journey, paths to Self circle toward Center, moving toward balance and harmony.  
There is a universal pull, a call to growth, and a journey that leads to wellness.

Start with the Ballerina Archetype.

Take the Steps

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