Susan A. Shepler, MA Counseling

Certified Transformative Language Artist 

Transformative Language Arts Network

Certified Journal Instructor, Past Certification

Therapeutic Writing Institute

Center for Journal Therapy, Denver, CO

Research: Healing and the Jungian Method

My journey unfolds with curiosity, creativity, art, and writing,  These are passions for life.  My personal healing is a long and spiraling journey through "sill waters" and strong winds of change, Whirlwinds to Oz. The proverbial Oz story leads to recognition of what existed all along, metaphorically, the shiny Red Shoes.


The big question is... what can you learn from an archetype?  How does it help in the end?  

In short, the answer is found in the nature of honest introspection-- there is vital personal growth and exponential healing in the pursuit of a compassionate world.  


Inner Work

“The unconscious has a particular capacity to create images and to use those images as symbols.  It is these symbols that form our dreams, creating a language by which the unconscious communicates its contents to the conscious mind.”  

 Archetypes and Symbols are the everyday language of the Universe.
Guidance is above and beyond the mind's busy, chattering presence. 
The higher self, the wise one, God I think, communicates higher purpose to us.  Awareness happens when what was unconscious becomes conscious. 
"Awareness is the greatest agent for change."  Eckhart Tolle
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"Symbols are the vehicles of meaning in the unconscious.  Once we take the time to learn how to give them life, we begin to understand their language."


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