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HEALING & LANGUAGE ARTS is my NICHE.  I have an MA in Counseling, BA English/Spanish


NOTE: The MYSTERY of imagistic, metaphorical, and parabolic LANGUAGE.


MYSTERY—This process is accompanied by a form of higher intelligence, a phenomenon associated with the awakening or enlightenment process, appearing anonymously as in art of all kinds. There is an “overarching mystery” associated with dream and fantasy images. They present as a A SERIES, often to unfold A SYMBOLIC PATH to AWARENESS


“By showing situations symbolically in dreams, the unconscious communicates with consciousness and discloses its own comments on the conditions of our life.” John A. Sanford,

God’s Forgotten Language, pg.7


The ART & STUDY OF METAPHORICAL, SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE My WORD IMAGES (Concrete Poems) were all produced in early 2000 — the nexus of my work is METAPHORICAL, SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE— ART & ART POEMS are foundational to my path, but I can’t reproduce the phenomenon consciously.


I don’t continue to produce concrete poetry, as I did. Instead, I develop and study the existing images through their discrete motifs (strictly adhering to their content and importantly, shapes).


I offer digital art images based on the symbols and shapes such as—

 Archetypes and Symbols are the everyday language of the Universe.
Guidance is above and beyond the mind's busy, chattering presence. 
The higher self, the wise one, God I think, communicates higher purpose to us.  Awareness happens when what was unconscious becomes conscious. 
"Awareness is the greatest agent for change."  Eckhart Tolle


Inner Work

“The unconscious has a particular capacity to create images and to use those images as symbols.  It is these symbols that form our dreams, creating a language by which the unconscious communicates its contents to the conscious mind.”  


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