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Picture Poetry
A Concrete Poetry Series


My role in awakening and transformation is to illustrate, heal, and inspire with the energy of archetypes.

Abstract Room

"Dream & Pictorial Language"
A Healing Path


The unconscious "image-making process" is an instinctual process.
It manifests to teach and awaken. Archetypes are the language of Individuation--- a process 
"in and of images” according to Carl Jung.  Jung referred to this as, "dream" and "pictorial" language.

Jung believed that healing the personality involved integration of the psyche. A successful effort to create harmony between conscious and unconscious and to end the battles of “a psyche at war with itself” (Jung) leads to healing transformation.  Jung's term for this path is the Process of Individuation


“Our path leads straight ahead, not around the duality but through it to a consciousness of its underlying oneness.”
R. A. JOHNSON, Inner Work

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