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Updated: Feb 14

"There is a crying need to honor Ego, Self, and Soul and to recognize the ways that the Ego should be reeducated (not eliminated) when higher order transcendent functions are developed. Indeed, it is the union of Ego and Soul that makes possible the birth of the Self." Carol S. Pearson, Awakening The Heroes Within

Our egos are not aware that outside the limits of their little islands, outside the narrow perimeters of their vision, there is a whole universe of realities and truths contained in the vast sea of the unconscious that our egos can't perceive." Robert A. Johnson, Inner Work
"On the symbolic level, living life only at the level of the Ego is like being a robot, toy, or other inanimate object. The hunger we feel is for a more genuine experience. The quest with its call to Spirit is only the first step in finding such genuineness." Carol S. Pearson, Awakening The Heroes Within

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