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About Awaken Arts

"We have a universal language that 'thinks' and expresses itself through symbols.  This archaic language transcends all conscious verbal language barriers."
Dreams, God's Forgotten Language --John A Sanford

My work with archetypes involves concrete poems, or simply, poems in shapes.  My concrete poems were created long before I understood the process at work.   The process can be understood as the Process of Individuation, unconscious image-producing as part of an awakening process.

I amplify the shapes in my series by creating digital art using Photoshop.  The images shift into various motifs, very naturally, while adhering to original shapes and unconscious content.  
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Pictorial Language

A Healing Path


Carl Jung refers to Individuation as a process "in and of images"-- and archetypal images as "dream" and "pictorial" language.  According to Jung,"An archetypal content expresses itself, first and foremost, in metaphors."  

Explore the World of Archetypes

Archetypes have a lot to say.  They speak as dream images speak, individually, but with universal significance and application.  

About Awakening

"We try to deal with all the issues of life by external means—making more money, getting more power, starting a love affair, or ‘accomplishing something’ in the material world.  But we discover to our surprise that the inner world is a reality that we ultimately have to face."
"Inner Work" --R. A. Johnson 

The outer world is compelling.  The physical world is apples on a tree, and a bunch of flowers in a vase on the table.  It's family and friends, and it's where we go to be with one another.  It's the world!  Even so, all the wonder the world has to offer doesn't seem to wholly work for us.  We often feel as though something is missing in life, as if something more needs to happen to complete us.  It's what awakening is all about, coming to the realization that we are, simply, not complete in the world.  We are more than we seem, connected in more ways than we know, and we're leaving a big part of our story unwritten. 

About Healing

"We need a healing, a meaning, a balance and a revelation for our minds that our rational consciousness cannot provide us."
Carl Jung

The Process of Individuation is a journey to wholeness.  It involves healing the personality by bringing all the disparate parts of the personality into conjunction, so that a center replaces the fragmented self.  It takes a lot of soul searching to arrive at center because it involves looking through the rubble of our live scripts and stories to find a genuine expression of who we are.

About God

"Trust in God can be a deeper, fuller and more rationally grounded trust than the natural confidence in one’s own inner resources."

"We can understand the transformation of the personality as a part of the God-created individuating process which Jung has described."
Jung and the Christian Way, Christopher Bryant

A whole relationship with ourselves is a whole relationship with God as well.  A relationship to God brings together opposites.  Our path to harmony with God is a work in us that balances God and human nature, carnality and Spirit, shadow and light.  To offset the imbalances of human shortcomings, and to achieve balance, weight is needed, the weight of goodness, the weight of a cross, and the Godly weight of Jesus.
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