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"Symbols are the vehicles of meaning in the unconscious.  Once we take the time to learn how to give them life, we begin to understand their language."


Djohariah Toor, The Road By The River

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C. G. Jung

The Archetypes and the Collective


“An archetypal content expresses itself, first and foremost, in metaphors.”


“Not only is the conscious process continually accompanied, it is often guided, helped, or interrupted, by unconscious happenings.”

“This rounding out of the personality into a whole may well be the goal of any psychotherapy that claims to be more than a mere cure of symptoms.”

Robert A. Johnson

Inner Work

“We try to deal with all the issues of life by external means—making more money, getting more power, starting a love affair, or ‘accomplishing something’ in the material world.  But we discover to our surprise that the inner world is a reality that we ultimately have to face."

“It takes courage to go to the ‘bad’ side of ourselves to acknowledge it as part of ourselves, to consider that it could have a constructive role to play in our lives.” 

Jeremy Taylor

The Living Labyrinth

"All dreams come in service of health and wholeness."


"As Carl Jung suggested on any occasions, the individual who accomplishes this task of interior balancing and self-awareness accomplishes something of tremendous social and collective importance."

"As consciousness evolves, it must relinquish whatever self-image and self-awareness it has achieved in order to open to the evolving possibilities of change, growth, and developing maturity."