The Archetypes and

the Collective Unconscious

"The archetype does not proceed form physical facts, but describes how the psyche experiences the physical facts..."

Wise Old Man Archetype



As experienced in fairytales... as experienced in life.

""The old man always appears when the hero is in a hopeless and desperate situation."


"...the hero cannot accomplish this himself, the knowledge needed to compensate the deficiency comes in the form of a personified thought, i.e., in the shape of this sagacious and helpful old man."

"No one can help the boy to do this; has to rely on himself.  There is no going back.  This realization will give the necessary resolution to his actions.  By forcing him to face the issue, the old man saves him the tourble of making up his mind."

"When the clever old man had brought the boy to this point he could begin his good advice, i.e., the situation no longer looked hopeless.  He advised him..."



Duplicity and Our Dual Nature

A Wise Old Man Archetype


And Noble Messenger


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"Symbols are the vehicles of meaning in the unconscious.  Once we take the time to learn how to give them life, we begin to understand their language."


Djohariah Toor, The Road By The River

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