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Archetypes & Self-Discovery

Updated: Jun 30

Self-Discovery follows a path.

It's a trail that leads to wellness, and a strong center of the personality.

The Path to Self-Discovery is a Path Through Life.

A Queen's Dash from from the Castle

The poem, Queen Ann, is about a Queen running from a burning castle. Her King and her Princes are out on horses or ships. She runs in the night for help, but where does a Queen find a defense for her castle? The answer is a metaphor about "The Kingdom of Heaven".

““We cannot change anything unless we accept it.” Carl Gustav Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul

"Symbols are representations of the psyche; they are projections of all aspects of man’s nature” (Hall & Nordby, 1973, p. 117).

Self-Discovery rests in her growth nature. Her life has meaning through prayer language, and she becomes part of a larger conversation involving God.

Self-Discovery is a Scenic Journey through Life's Mysteries... There is a path that leads to fullness, and authentic blossoming.

““All truly universal human experiences have a tendency to evoke strikingly similar symbolic images and similar emotionally charged relational dramas." Jeremy Taylor, The Living Labyrinth

Self-Discovery is a destination inspired by passions.

Growth leads to acknowledgement, awareness, of our personal best, an alignment leading to our highest potential.

Self-discovery is a challenging, rewarding, forever journey.

It is a journey like Dorothy's journey in Oz -- it leads home. Home is a certain center, a sense of well-being throughout life's obstacles.

"Self" is an ever-present ally, a Spiritual form of all things.


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