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Updated: Jul 3, 2018

“Not only is the conscious process continually accompanied, it is often guided, helped, or interrupted, by unconscious happenings.”
Carl Gustav Jung, The Archetypes And The Collective Unconscious

We have learned from Jung that it is a matter of "integrating" spiritual reality or settling for no reality at all.

Why are we bombarded by archetypal energies? Are we learning something from the archetypes, god-images, mother-images, and father-images, etc. Could this be the road to ultimate peace, fulfilling our role within the Inner Kingdom? It's from here that we consider our purpose in life.

Do we need to follow the Yellow Brick Road, metaphorically? In other words, we could ask if we are supposed to look for stepping stones, shiny pennies, or symbolic guidance on the "Road Less Traveled?" Are we correct in believing that there is golden fruit on the tree of life, and it's here for the taking? It can be, really, that profound and mighty. If only we believed, as in the parable of the mustard seed. If only...

These are general questions facing modern "trancendents," those would be saints, the few who have brought the proverbial camel through the eye of the needle, Jesus Christ, Buddha, and other enlightened Believers who came to the Peace that surpasses all understanding-- brought about by a genuine shift into spiritual essence.

The awakening process reorders, renews, and heals the personality.  Just as dreams enlighten, my process involves a series of symbols and archetypal images which presented as visual/concrete poems (fantasy images, Jung).  The poems are containers, a combination of both image and words (affect, emotions) which Jung considered the very definition of archetypes.  There is no other way to assimilate that which is unconscious into consciousness but to absorb the lessons provided through metaphors or symbolism.

"We need Nature to show us the way home..." Stillness, Eckhart Tolle

Why Archetypes?

Note the image below, one of my art pieces.

D. R. Hawkins is remarkably in tune with the Energy of Nature-- a human behavior approach that leads to acceptance.

Maybe it's Shakespeare's stage-- and all the actors upon it. It's absolutely true that we are at once seized by archetypal energy, for instance, the energy of the bear, or otherwise, the Viking King. And in another moment, we are King Lear himself or one of his affected daughters, in throes of family issues. Information necessarily leads to awareness, and awareness, a genuine experience of connection with higher intelligence, is spiritual wellness at it's utmost.

This website and all products associated with the website are devoted to growth and wellness.  The path to healing in this case must be scrutinized regularly for well thinking. It's a broad subject, just about as broad as the Universe itself, and compact enough to fit an individual. AwakenArts explores the language of symbols, essential to the awakening process.

Mystery Question:

Who does Eckhart Tolle refer to as "the great troublemaker"?

Know Thyself and the Depths our Human Being?
Most psychotherapists would agree that a little self-exploration is the key to awareness. Could there be another way? Are we forced away from the world through almost inescapable and innate human suffering? What solution do you see? Consider the things that would bring the greatest amount of collective healing. Awakening to consciousness (to turn a phrase) needs healing energies.

A Journal Prompt
Who would I be if I were to be another me?

Write 3 pages successively. You are invited to share a few lines of your journaling. Please share in comments.

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"Symbols are the vehicles of meaning in the unconscious.  Once we take the time to learn how to give them life, we begin to understand their language."


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