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Sunshine, Stars & Mystery

Updated: May 8

There's an undeniable mystery folded into the Universe and God. There may be a lot of adventures in your personal story. There are a lot in mine

“It baffles many people at first to hear that the imagination is an organ of coherent communication, that it employs a highly refined, complex language of symbols to express the contents of the unconscious.” Robert A. Johnson, Inner Work

Everybody has a self in the game, but not everybody has a “Self” in the game.

We all have two sides to us, which are often referred to as the little self and the big Self.

Having an unknown side can be a big deal and play a big part in our lives.

What we don't know can, and does, hurt us. Archetypes reveal hidden patterns that give definition to our lives. Unconscious energies present as characteristics and roles we play.

It's through life experiences, and various forms of non-verbal art and language that we find our symbols, metaphors, and archetypes.

"We have a universal language that 'thinks' and expresses itself through symbols. This archetypal language transcends all conscious verbal language barriers." John A. Sanford, Dreams, God's Forgotten Language

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a kind of road map through our dreams?

Art, like dreams, often introduce images that unlock secrets, and lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

I have a story to share with you. Every symbol is from a Higher Place. Every symbol tells an enlightened story. Every story is a step toward self-awareness.

"The self within us guides us into our impending inner development; not only are we influenced by that which has gone before, but also by that which wants to become."


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