Angels Annonymos

Queen Anne Spirit, Card Series

Queen Anne Spirit, Image Poem

Sometimes there is joy... that only Angels bring.

God is within us. God is more than a passing notion that arises and disappears. That's what awakening is all about, discovering ourselves in our God-nature, even in times of sorrow. There's a bright light behind the haze; God is out there, someplace...

We probably have to discover God within and around us, accepting God's inseparable connection to us.

The thought of God within (and without), is consistent with Christian symbolism. As a Christian, to consume body and blood symbolically through the eucharist-- is a consummate example of being joined into One. There are many Christian Scriptures that support "Jesus within" and "Not me, but Jesus through me."

This is a good place to note the Devil Archetype.

"He lives because He lives in my heart."

Love Lives in the Heart

There is never enough of anything in life to make up for what is missing within. There is an ache, God generated it seems, like a whirlwind or an Earthquake. We are overcome by our own God nature. We don't fully understand it, so we attempt to script and contain it. We are only somewhat successful.

What makes so many people seek enlightenment?

The enlightened stage is real, very obscure, yet inherently present. There is a vast amount of pain interspersed throughout the collective domain. Enlightenmet is a way to perceive one's place in the scheme of all things, carnal and spiritual. Enlightened behavior acknowledges pain in the world, pain that is inherited and self-maintained. Pain and suffering are overcome through awareness, acceptance, and transcendence.

Disharmony is so hard to change, a very long standing pattern of the ages.

Why can't we stop fighting?


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