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An AwakenArts

Archetypal Journey

Pathways to Awareness

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  ”The symbolic process is an experience in images and of images.”

“Symbols always express something we do not know.”




Archetypes are


Archetypes "show and tell" and affect our lives much more energetically than we notice..

Discover and explore the nature of archetypal energies. AWAKENARTS offers a Concrete Poetry Series.  Each image poem was created within two years, while my work and research into the Individuation Process has been my passion and focus for almost two decades.  

The "Picture-Series" evidences the nature of archetypes and the mysterious way archetypes manifest as part of the creation process.  Such archetypal occurrences are as unconscious and as happenstance as dreams.  Shaping the poems became a symbol-making process from a place of "other" awareness, a process that can not be consciously manipulated.  The poetry images are language-filled containers, so they are both image and emotion (note Jung, "image and affect"), inviting the illusive energies of archetypes!  

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