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Get to Know Archetypes


The poem evolves through stages,

first a written poem,

then an image poem,

and from there, with archetypal capacity, it shifts and expands into motifs.  


First, the ballerina poem lends itself to multiplicity, meaning that it is almost natural to see this image as multiples of the same image, i.e. a troop of little girl ballerinas.


The poem transforms and transforms (and of course transformation is the main focus of archetypes) becoming a "series" or a troop of little girls.  It was happenstance that I created 7 different images that were to be an "experience" of unity.  That's what this archetype does... 

and so much more.  For instance, balance.


Transformation involves "experiencing the process"!


Here, noting the happenstance of Jungian archetypes, and archetypes in general, the Ballerina shares, experientially, a process of "unity" and "integration" as a dance, a pirouette, where the parts are experienced as a unified whole.  


The Process of Individuation is a universal process, a path with many diversions, many parts.  It is a process "in and of images" according to Carl Jung.  


It is a journey where wholeness is an ideal.

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