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I'm Susan Shepler.

My work with language is art oriented.  I’m a digital artist, and concrete poetry artist (visual poetry).  I shape words into images, an artform that has proven to reveal deeper levels of awareness as words and images bend to one another. 


What emerges as art enlightens, and raises consciousness through archetypes, symbols, and dream imagery.  With such artifacts at hand, I am able to apply my work to healing modalities such as C. G. Jung’s Process of Individuation, which Jung describes as, “a process in and of images.”

I have a master’s degree in counseling and obtained a license to practice counseling in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Furthering my interests in writing, journaling, and language arts, I became a Certified Transformative Language Artist, certified through the Transformative Language Arts Network.  I have an undergraduate degree in English and Spanish as language and language arts has been a steady interest.

My licensure transitioned me into a helping professional.  I served as a Therapist, Journal Instructor, and an Outreach Volunteer (Spanish and English).  In general, I was a support person for church, family, schools, and community.

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I look forward to the opportunity to work and join a network of likeminded professionals.  Through my work, I seek to better others as well as myself.  We are all challenged to create and share the good the world may offer.  Through my work I help others gain a sense of connection and wholeness.  Growth and discovery lead to confident self-expression and provide the groundwork for business and personal brands.

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